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Episode 1: The Gloop show



Trans-aggressive tarot card reader and tattooist, Oozing Gloop, is the world’s premier post-drag autistic assemblage that haunts Norfolk, Berlin and London. 

Oozing takes you on a psychomagical trip from the universal AEIOU to the particular 3 3 3 2 2 (and back again.) 3 3 3 2 2 is the incessant personal rhythm Gloop’s been obsessed with for 13 years – a particular behaviour to autism known as a Stim.

On route we ramble through a dreamscape of handmade patchwork veils, gigantic vowels, masks, wigs and lashes. 

As we spiral through the subconscious our guiding green vagabond wielding a 7ft mascara wand assures that squares make squares, triangles make triangles and doing things… does stuff. 

To the accompaniment of Bonnie Tyler and Bette Davis THE GLOOP SHOW re-stitches the fabric of our reality and charts sublime new political territories. This is your survival guide to the 21st century!


The Gloop show won The Marlborough Theatre Development award as part of Brighton Fringe festival 2018


Supported by Arts council England, Steakhouse live, Duckie, Performance Space, Norwich Arts centre and The Marlborough. 


Created and performed by Oozing Gloop 

Produced by Catherine Hoffmann Lighting by Marty Langthorne Assistant Moa Johansson


Shown at:

Rich Mix, Steakhouse Live festival, London, March 2018 - The Marlborough theatre, Brighton, May 2018 - Duckie Residency, London, Nov 2018 - Bethnal Green working men’s club, London, Nov 2018 - Buzzcut Thrills, Glasgow, April 2019 - Fierce festival, Birmingham, Oct 2019 - Unity Theatre, Homotopia festival, Liverpool, Nov 2019 - Sophiensaele, Berlin, March 2019

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F U L L  S H O W

“Extraordinary...incredible...I can’t stop talking to everyone about it!!”


“Aesthetics of chaos... in this incredibly intricate web of logic. It was almost trancelike!!”


Karl Taylor - Take Me Somewhere Associate Producer

“Rebellious, captivating and unpredictable Oozing Gloop is one of the most important artists currently making work in the UK. If you miss this show you will regret it forever!”

Katy Baird - Home Live Art Artistic Director

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