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Episode 2: Glooptopia

GLOOPTOPIA is commissioned by:

New Queers on The Block and Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists with funding from Arts Council England.


A new Language of political hope, performed in this instance by, Oozing Gloop. Who after the rip-roaring success of “The Gloopshow” is back with a positive projection into our pyschic landscape!

Via vigils, chants and mass mysticism,  through shocking and stunning images of a sinful, saintly and spectacular nature we will travel from the tangible to the fantastical before returning back to this earth. Armed now, indelibly, with the doctrine of Commucracy; Communist Democracy;

People with Aspergers Syndrome struggle with social imagination, yet we as a culture find it easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of Capitalism. The worlds premier autistic green drag queen has returned to slay these twin dragons; with one fell swoop with a brand new Commucratic guillotine suitable for the 21st century.

*Glooptopia will endeavour to include a relaxed space and info for neuro-diverse audiences- more details to follow. BSL interpretation will also be provided.

*This show contains elements of mass hypnosis*


Performance and concept: Oozing Gloop - Production Manager and Lighting: Ali Armstrong - Sound design: Cherif Hashizume - Costume consultancy: Duygu Yorgancioglu and Donald Marshall - Mentoring: Martin O’Brien - Dramaturgy: Olympia Bukkakis - Assistant: Moa Johansson - Producer: Catherine Hoffmann.

A  Q U I C K  T R I P  T O  G L O O P T O P I A 


Supported by: 

Dadafest, Live Art Development Agency, ]performance s p a c e [, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, The Marlborough Theatre & Pub, The Spire (Brighton), Theatre in the Mill (Bradford), Art BnB (Blackpool), Home Live Art (Hastings), Norwich Arts Centre (Norwich).

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