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Oozing Gloop

Oozing Gloop!


In their unique brand of “queer alchemy” the personal is political and everything a body experiences is used to challenge the profane geometry that stops those experiences being better. Creating a provocative performance practice of queer spectacle.


Her interdisciplinary practice seeks to put a very particular voice upon a powerful pedestal of the universal subject and seeks to make society assimilate her. In the same way as society expects him to assimilate it.

Troublesome, camp and revolting she has a long history of attending protests, left-wing living, benefits scrounging, gig based economies, affirmative action, structural neglect, personal degradation and euphoric emancipation.  


Firmly believing in the ability to live beyond exploitation, Oozing Gloop is an infinite engine upon a sphere of infinite dimensions.

At Spill 2016 she presented seminal Performance art piece THE AWFUL JOURNEY (a pilgrimage of 100 miles), which raised a series of questions investigated in the following piece in 2017, THE AWESOME JOURNEY (a

400 Miles pilgrimage).


This gave rise to two pieces, “GLOOP! The Movie!” presented as part of LADA screens and “THE GLOOPSHOW!” an award winning experimental piece that merges Cabaret and performance art.

Delivered through a structured stream of consciousness. Underlying this piece is the political perspective provided by uninhibited Aspergers, making her mistress of the Awful, Awesome, and Autistic.


It is met with rave reviews at every showing including at Fierce festival 2019. In 2019 Unlimited and the Marlborough commissioned Oozing to make a new piece – episode two: Glooptopia For the New Queers on the Block tour

2020. This is also supported by: Arts council England, LADA and DADAFEST.

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"Oozing Gloop is the only disabled artist in the UK using drag in conjunction

with chaos magic to engineer public political spectacle."


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